Twin Flame Confirmation Reading

All that glitters is not gold.  Oftentimes we look at something and see it one way when really it is another.  Perhaps you feel you are experiencing a twin flame relationship and would like to confirm it.  We can help to confirm that the twin flame relationship is a bona fide Twin Flame rather than another type of soul connection such as a karmic partner or a soul mate.  We use photos and the energy of Akashic Records through our guides and master teachers.  This session is one hour and any questions you have about your connection can be addressed here.

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Soul Healing and Matrix Return

Soul identity is a key factor in creating a life that is both authentic and fulfilling.  Soul aspect moves from one incarnation to another so it can carry with it undigested information or unresolved issues and seeks out and identifies past life history.  By definition Soul is distinct from the spirit insofar as it is the nonphysical individuated aspect of being that gets carried from one incarnation to the next.  The soul identity must return to the clear and true matrix of who you are in order to embrace your highest spiritual and life calling.

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Guidance and Coaching

Using the Akashic Records as a vehicle or medium we channel the information on each twin that offers clarity in regard to their development and provides an opportunity for particular questions regarding your relationship at this point in time.

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mission statement

Twin Flame Alchemy seeks to honor and aid the development and understanding of seekers of healing, liberation and empowerment in the Twin Flame Community Worldwide.

We offer soul healing and matrix return, coaching and guidance, as well as Twin Flame Confirmation readings with encouragement, caring and compassion.  TFA promotes the mission of TFs and unifying the human relationship.


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